Events that I currently I offer:

I call these events, "Third Thursday Theologues." Because we meet on each third Thursday of the calendar month. I  chose the term, "theologues" because it means those who study Spirit.

While we can't know all there is about Source, we have access to much of its myriad manifestations. Including those in our world. And our own souls, as well as the "soul" of the world. It's spiritual components. And the many kinds of experiences it provides.

All of this is not to satisfy curiosity, but for our mastery.

That's the other reason I chose the term, Theologue. Because it also means the study of spiritual practice. Yet not just by the delivering of a teaching. We also come together to know the teaching presented through elevating experiences. And I lead you through such during in each class. That way each event becomes one of the twelve 'theologues.' Which I offer throughout the year.

In our 2022 events, we dedicate ourselves to each one of several celestial stars.

And we come to know their divine powers and activities of Light. So we can enlist their support in our endeavor. And that is to evolve in an accelerated way. Yet one that is safe, easy and best for our individual soul evolution.

I post each month's invitation below. So you can attend of the live classes. After each class I include an invitation to obtain its replay. I do not pose any prerequisites for attendance. And welcome you anytime!

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