What My Clients Say

“You’ve Changed My Life”

Thank you so much Donna for your dedication and the love you put into your service. You’ve changed my life in so many ways, and brought healing to me and my family. I am forever grateful to you and all the higher beings of light and love!!! ~ Jim, Colorado

“I Felt an Immediate Difference”

Dear Donna:

My thanks for the wonderful healing. I felt an immediate difference and have been able to start returning to a more normal life. My doctor has agreed to stop the medication after three months on October 29. Alleluia!!!

God bless you.
O.S. ~ California

“Cleared My Tidal Wave Dreams”

Hi Donna,

I would be happy to subscribe to your email service.  I had a session with you a few months ago.  You cleared my tidal wave dreams!!  I have not had one since.  Although I have many dreams with beautiful clear ocean waters.

I contacted you recently because of something that happened during an early morning meditation. Last month on Sept 10th at about 4:00 am I was sitting and tuned into your voice coming through.  It was very strong and clear healing prayer.  It didn’t last very long.  I thought maybe the clearing you helped me with was still locked in my subconscious somehow.

Anyway, despite so much turmoil flooding the planet right now, I feel much peace and serenity not only inside, but also in my physical feeling body.  I try to walk everyday with Love and Gratitude in my heart.

Thank you for the important work you are doing.  There is healing going on all around us. I would love to have another session with you sometime soon!

Much Peace and Love to you,
~R.L., California

“You did a fantastic job, thank you so much!”

Hi Donna,

I just wanted to tell you that, after our session yesterday, today was a fabulous day for me. Everything went so well.

I couldn’t believe how everything went in my favor. And there wasn’t even any arguing. They negotiated and the other party actually agreed to almost everything. I mean, I was shocked to say the least.

And I was more relaxed than I thought I would be. I went in there with just a really strong feeling that I was doing the right thing. I wasn’t affected like I was before. It was interesting.

So, you did a great job, that was fantastic. Now we’re going through the next phase of it and I just think that all this will just flow.

In a couple of weeks I would like to call you again and go over the next steps in relation to my career, now that this other is behind me and going smoothly. I’m more relaxed and ready to get things going.

Anyway, you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much!

~E.B., California

“More at peace with myself”

Hi Donna,

Thank you for sending me the CD. I have enjoyed reviewing the session I had with you. It has been very helpful and most rewarding for me. I feel more at peace with myself now which is something I have not felt within myself for a long time.

I will look forward to receiving a newsletter from you.

Thank you again.

~B.S., California

“A lot calmer and much more harmonious”


I’m so happy you did that healing for my son. He’s a lot calmer and much more harmonious. He called me this morning to tell me he’s happy to have such a wonderful mother. I just wanted you to know about this confirmation I received.

~C.D., California

“I feel lighter and a lot happier”

Hi Donna,

Thank you very much for our session, it was a week ago Thursday. It’s been quite an interesting week, I feel lighter and a lot happier, a lot more settled and harmonious. I will call for another session soon, I feel there is a lot to be gained by working on another piece of it.

~L.T., Texas

“Wonderful healing energy”

Thank you, Donna. I’ve felt wonderful healing energy since I spoke with you.

~B.J., California

“I am amazed!!!!”

Hi Donna,

Thank you so much for your sweet words and for sharing your wisdom with me, these teachings you are giving me I will keep with me and practice it starting right now. I will read this email several times!

Today when I went to work, right before entering my job, I prayed in my car so I can deal with my frustration of having to work there, the way I was taught in the session you gave me.

I’ve been listening to the CD over and over, taking notes, and thinking about the teaching I’ve been told in that session…. And you know what Donna, my prayers are being answered! I felt much better today, no conflicts with no one, no sadness and more importantly I didn’t feel like I used to….I am amazed!!!!

I’m giving thanks, I’m going to keep working on all this and I’ll keep on praying, I don’t want to take anything for granted.

I’m glad I met you Donna. Have a wonderful weekend and once again thank you so much for you kindness and understanding!

Best regards,

~F.M., Florida

“Thank you for the beautiful work”

Thank you Donna, I am enjoying the meditations. You have since read my friend Nansea and she really enjoyed her session.

Thank you for the Beautiful work you do in the world. :)

Have a wonderful holiday and New Year

~ F.L., Washington

“You have taken me to heaven”

Hi Donna:

Spoke to my friend Jorge yesterday over the phone. He was very happy and pleased with the reading that he had with you last week.

I am so glad that Lydia told me about you when I mentioned to her that I did not know anything about my mother. You have given me so much peace. You have taken me to heaven and back and I am very grateful for that.

God bless you.


~ M.R., Florida

“I can’t believe what I receive through you”

Hello Donna,

I got the CD this week. I again listened it and I can’t believe what I receive through you, because the great gift that you have. Thank you ….

In two weeks I’m going to India and when I go back , I would like to have another session the day of my birthday.

God bless you,


~ A.R., Florida

“WOW! Donna was right.”

Dear Donna,

The blessings just keep coming. I would like to thank you so much for our session and share with you what happened recently. Our session was several months ago, so let me remind you what you told me:

In my session you told me that I needed my fathers Irish lineage to do the work that I am suppose to do in this life and that lineage was a royal one. You also told me that the one who is sponsoring me is the one that sponsors people that write.

What is interesting about the session was that I had recently started to write a book of short stories before we had our session and the writing I was doing was about these incredible dreams that I was and continue to have that were not like dreams but experiences I was having.

A few months after our session my son came home from school and needed to write a paper on his families tribal heritage. I thought OK well my Irish heritage wasn’t a tribe but the Irish had what they called clans. I thought that a clan was close enough for his assignment.

When I was helping my son look up his Irish heritage I learned that the descendants of the spelling of Daly came from a different spelling of Daly and was of a royal lineage of the Irish King and these descendants were known for their acting, writing and poetry. When I read that I immediately thought of my session with you and thought WOW! Donna was right.

Thank you Donna so much for this experience it was like complete confirmation of what you told me. It was incredible.

~ K.W., Hawaii

“Completely Healed”

Hello Donna,

Last session Dec 8, I talked to you about the problem that I had in my ears, remember? They were itching and driving me crazy for almost 2 years. Since that day they never itched again, they are completely healed. I was so blessed through your work. I really want to say thanks for your will and love that you pour in your work.

God bless you always.

I send you my love,

~ A.R., Florida

“The struggle has ceased”

Hi Donna,

I want to thank you for the session and CD.

In the last few weeks after I had the session with you I have quieted many habits, and even old patterns have been eliminated from my consciousness. I feel a tangible difference within myself.

I have lots of love and gratitude for the service rendered to my soul through you. I have felt an immediate effect from the release of old thought-forms of disbelief in higher powers; my human mind always questioned and I felt I had to convince it. I can see now that the struggle has ceased.

For the first time I have been visualizing chakras in 3-d formation rather 2-d as shown in pictures. I had been challenged by lower energies of the moon and also animal magnetism. Now, I hold a vision of my beloved Masters and make eye contact with them from within, which helps me to focus and stabilize.

It also reminds me of my spiritual goals, and to forgive and free myself from limiting ties to former places, circumstances and individuals now and forever.

If I can be of any service to you, kindly let me know. I also want to schedule another session.

Love and Light

~ P.S., Maryland

“Getting clarity”

Hello Donna,

Thank you so much for our session today. I feel very relaxed and peaceful after getting clarity about this mysterious “6’5″ man”. What a relief… and a blessing.

I look forward to listening to your CD again, and moving on with my life… onward and upward toward the Golden Age!

~ A.L., Arizona

“I appreciate your tender words and teachings”

Hi Donna,

I can’t believe you took the time to write that email for me, you have no idea how much I appreciate your tender words and teachings, I will keep this email and read it many times.

I know really good people I want to see doing better in one way or another, so I’m definitely going to tell them about you. There is one friend, like a little brother to me and I might buy the session for him, hopefully soon…..you’ll be hearing from me (and them) again.

Love and peace to you too Donna and have a happy new year 2009.
~ F.M., Florida

“One of the most beautiful, transcendent sessions”

I think you’ve found your niche. It was one of the most beautiful, transcendent sessions I have ever had. And I’m very impressed.It just so happened I needed to find out exactly what clearances needed to be done. I didn’t expect anything like I got! I liked what I got.

~ M.G., Montana

“I feel energetically coherent”

I will, in part, share an experience of healing that took place. I had participated in healing sessions with Donna before. This recent experience resulted in a transcended release of light and a return of the energies, more than I’ve ever experienced before.

The previous sessions with her had set the stage and prepared me to be able to digest, assimilate, and use this energy that has been returned, transformed and now circulates in my being as pure, clean, source energy.

Donna took me in my finer bodies to a healing retreat. The fact that my higher vehicles traveled through time and space in an instant did not affect my ability to feel what was happening.

I had asked to get my energy back and that is exactly what happened. I realize it is increasing day by day. I feel energetically coherent, and I feel my heart center as a great fountain of light flowing into all my other chakras. I will keep my own counsel regarding many other blessings and boons that I received in that session.

I believe that there is nothing more practical than life itself, and that is what was restored to me. I’m still responsible for the use I make of my life, I still have to give an account of every erg of energy I use. The spiritual laws are still in effect, but what a fresh opportunity to be in a position to use that life restored.

I recommend this activity, which is with no uncertainty, a high initiation.

~ R.F., Washington

“Tuned into our spirits”

It’s pretty amazing. You’ve definitely tuned into our spirits, very much.

~ J.F., Montana

“Perpetual blessing”

Beloved Donna, with profound gratitude and love to you for perpetual blessing to my family.

~ L.P., Florida

“Recognition of the importance of the soul’s evolution”

Hello Donna,

I am writing you because I wanted to express my gratitude for being blessed with the opportunity to work with you. You are one of the most, if not the most, professionally gifted beings that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. For not only are you a clear channel for the spirit of blessed beings of light, but you are also a compassionate human being with the ability to understand whatever is being presented for healing regardless of the circumstances.

You are extremely knowledgeable regarding the complexity of the process of the human condition and have a keen insight to the path of spiritual enlightenment…Most of all, your recognition of the importance of the soul’s evolution is undeniably extraordinary.

It is with great pleasure that I thank you for your spiritual services. I continue to work with the recorded sessions and benefit a great deal from them each time that I do. I look forward to future sessions…

May God bless you with great prosperity…

Lots of love and light,

Rev. Ida Luz Diaz

~I.D., New York

“I look forward to our next session!!!”

Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for the wonderful telephone session. Thanks, too, for sending on the CD of this memorable event.

I find it so instructive for my present path and I am endeavoring to integrate all I have learned recently in my daily life. I am finding lots of Joy in each day, and my affairs seem to be running more smoothly. What a stupendous blessing!

I hope this finds you fine. I look forward to our next session!!!


~ N.M., California

“I can’t thank you enough”

Dear Donna,

Thank-you and so very much for the reading the other night, I listened to part of it last night and I can’t thank-you enough for the work that you do. I feel at peace that I know where my twinflame is and that he is working very hard, and is so dedicated to the Victory of the planet, her people and to me.

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it while I am writing you. I sent away for the book and will study it in depth.

I love you dear sister of light, thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Will keep in touch, never know when I will need your services again.

~C.D., California

More Than I Ever Expected

Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for the powerful session. It was more than I ever expected, which is the way it is with you. To me you are like a master who is working here to help others.

The powers, clarity and impact of your amazing spiritual skills are a gift beyond my gratitude to convey.

I honor your many years of study, discipline and consistency of devotion to this amazing path and feel blessed to have found you on my search for deeper connection and competency as a spiritual being.

I continue to play the beautiful and powerful healing tape you made every night and look forward to hearing this new tape over and over. It will be a blessing to type out the personal decrees toward the end and use them often.

Love and Blessings

~S.M., California

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